How do I become a CSA member?

1. Pick your share seasons, share size, & pickup location.
2. Fill out the online signup form.
3. Send your payment via mail.
4. That's it! You are a Meadowlark Community Farm CSA member!

Name (Household 1) *
Name (Household 1)
If sharing your share with another household, please list their contact information under household 2.
Address (Household 1) *
Address (Household 1)
Phone (Household 1) *
Phone (Household 1)
Name (Household 2)
Name (Household 2)
If sharing your CSA share with another household, please fill out the contact information for household 2.
Address (Household 2)
Address (Household 2)
Phone Number (Household 2)
Phone Number (Household 2)
Choose your share options. *
Please, choose only one option for the summer season!
Choose your pickup location. *
After we receive this completed form, we will email you an invoice. Your CSA membership will be reserved once payment is received.
CSA Cookbooks
We have cookbooks available put together by FairShare CSA Coalition. Full of wonderful recipes and tips on using your CSA share well, they are an invaluable resource for CSA members.
When you mail your payment, send a separate check payable to FairShare CSA Coalition. Your donation to FairShare helps build a strong, fair, healthy food system through Community Supported Agriculture.
Our Community Fund exists to make sure that our CSA shares accessible to everyone, regardless of economic means. Add your contribution to your CSA payment.
Farmer Commitment & Member Agreement *
As your farmers,: - We commit to growing high quality, diverse, organic produce. - Post-harvest handling is extremely important to us. Your produce will be harvested appropriately, hydro-cooled (if needed), washed, and properly stored. - Our weekly newsletter will include farm news, a share list, storage advice, recipe ideas, and a best guess of what will be in the next week's share. Please, read the newsletter and use this resource! - We communicate primarily by email. (Please, add to your contacts.) Please, let us know if email doesn't work for you. Prior to the start of the season, our communication will include sending you an invoice, your receipt, and final details concerning the pick up of your CSA shares. A weekly email will be sent on Sunday prior to each delivery. This will serve as a reminder to pickup and also include a list of what will be in the share. As a member of Meadowlark Community Farm: - You are purchasing a share in the farm, and in return share the rewards and risks of the season. - If you are unable to complete the season as a member, you will not receive a refund. Your share can be passed on to another household or donated. - You are responsible for picking up your CSA share during the scheduled pick-up window. If you are unable to pickup, you can have a friend or family member pickup your share for you.
Do you plan to apply for a CSA rebate with your health insurance?
GHC, Quartz, Physicians Plus, and Dean provide incentives for members who purchase a CSA share. Find out more information under the "Affordability and Financial Assistance" tab in our website.