July 17th Farm News

“This magical, marvelous food on our plate, this sustenance we absorb, has a story to tell. It has a journey. It leaves a footprint. It leaves a legacy. To eat with reckless abandon, without conscience, without knowledge; folks, this ain’t normal.” – Joel Salatin

Another beautiful week here at the farm. Green beans are prolific! We are right around the corner from tomato season! We'll be harvesting our garlic between the rains today, & we could be picking sweet corn any day now!

Our biggest news of the week is that we are officially certified organic! In addition to following the National Organic guidelines, the key to successful certification is record keeping. Our certifier, MOSA, wants to be able to track our produce from seed to sale - and everything that happens in between. We are excited to be certified organic and look forward to growing as farmers and as a farm.

We hope to see you at the farm for Tuesday's potluck.

Your Farmers,
Lauren & Craig

Lauren Kreutzer