June 26th Farm News

“Green was the silence, wet was the light,
the month of June trembled like a butterfly.”
―Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets

This past week was National Pollinator week. We are constantly surrounded by all sorts of pollinators (our honeybees, butterflies, native bees, etc), and I am ever grateful for all of the hard work that they do for us. I cannot even imagine hand-pollinating tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, bean, eggplant, etc. etc. Our livelihood and full bellies are dependent on an amazing number of little lives. So, thank you, bugs!!

The heat, rain, and long days of June really ramp up the growth of the veggies. Our sweet corn is past knee high - even before the fourth of July! The long days let the onions know it is time to begin creating bulbs, and they are happy to be freshly weeded. We are a couple weeks out from our first green bean harvest. The potatoes are growing well, even with the swarms of potato beetles. We, weekly, remove the potato beetles, larvae, and eggs by hand in order to keep the population in check.

Peia (our dog) also wanted to let you all know that she is really enjoying the seasons harvests. She especially likes the discarded hakurei turnips and napa cabbage leaves. We're thankful for a dog who likes her veggies.

We have our 9-year-old nephew, Austin, visiting this week. He'll be helping us in the fields, and we'll be taking some adventures with him off of the farm, too. Here's to summer #1 of "Farm Camp"!

Your Farmers, 
Lauren (& Craig) 

Lauren Kreutzer