Winter Work

Suppose we did our work
like the snow, quietly, quietly.
leaving nothing out.
- Wendell Berry

Ah, winter. We are enjoying the quiet, eating well, dreaming, planning, and budgeting. This time is rejuvenating & crucial for ourselves & for the business.

Our planning begins with reviewing the 2015 growing season, our holistic goal, & setting our goals for the year. We then proceed to crop planning, field planning, & seed ordering. In conjunction with this planning, we budget, budget, budget. We use Holistic Financial Management to guide us through this process.

We asks ourselves A LOT of questions during our planning/budgeting sessions… How many CSA members do we plan for? What about Farmers’ Market sales? What crops did really well, and where can we improve? How many tomato plants do we grow? Do we try a new variety? What kind of scale should be buy? Where do we order our boxes from? Cover crops? Pigs? Cultivation tools? Perennial establishment? & on & on & on. This means a lot of talking & a lot of research.

We’ve learned that a phone call to a fellow farmer can be quicker & more enjoyable than a Google search. We’re setting in place systems to make this process & the growing season go more smoothly. We rejoice in writing down our crop & field plan (check!), completing the seed order (check!), & having a finalized Holistic Financial Plan (…we’re getting there!).

During this week’s blizzard, the first seeds were planted for our Spring Share. CSA sign-ups are rolling in, & our seed orders are arriving. Our laying hens are growing like crazy. There is much to look forward to. Stay warm, & enjoy the snow!

Your Farmers,
Craig + Lauren

Lauren Kreutzer