The Melt

"How exactly good it is
to know myself
in the solitude of winter,

my body containing its own
warmth, divided from all
by the cold; and to go

separate and sure
among the trees cleanly
divided, thinking of you

perfect too in your solitude,
your life withdrawn into
your own keeping

–to be clear, poised
in perfect self-suspension
toward you, as though frozen.

And having known fully the
goodness of that, it will be
good also to melt."
The Cold by Wendell Berry

We embrace mud season with heavy boots and dirty paw prints! Spring is on its way. We are finalizing budgets, printing planting plans, ordering supplies, and getting organized. Our workshop has been bustling with projects (finishing bookshelves for our home, tractor body work), and most of our seeds have arrived! This weekend, we head to LaCrosse for the MOSES Organic Farming Conference. This conference provides a wealth of knowledge, and it is inspiring to be surrounded by so many awesome farmers.

We've also decided to make our on-farm farmstands a more regular occurrence.  We'll be set up every 2nd and 4th Tuesday from 4-6pm, and once our summer CSA begins, every Tuesday! Check out the "Farmstand" page for the exact dates. We'll have our veggies and pastured pork available for purchase, and you get to see our smiling faces and beautiful farm!

At this point, we are SOLD OUT of spring shares for the 2016 season. (Woohoo!) We still have openings in our summer and fall CSA.

Your Farmers,

Craig + Lauren


Lauren Kreutzer