Frequently Asked Questions

What size CSA share is right for me?
Here are a few things to consider...
      How much do you like vegetables?
      How often do you travel during the summer
      How often do you cook at home?

With these things in mind, choose the share with the amount of produce that you will be comfortable preparing.

I'm having trouble deciding between two share sizes. Which should I choose?
If you are having trouble deciding between two share sizes, pick the smaller one. (We'd prefer that you were pleased with too little produce rather than overwhelmed with too much.) 

What if we could use more produce? Are we able to upgrade during the season?
If desired, we are usually able to upgrade members to a larger share size or from every other week to weekly deliveries during the season.

If you need help deciding on a share, please send us an email or give us a call!

What if I can't pickup my share?
You can arrange for a friend or family member to pickup your share for you. If you are unable to find someone to pickup your share for you, let us know a week in advance. Your CSA share will be donated to the Mauston Food Pantry.